The Virtual Academy of Sustainability (VAS) is way more than a digital learning platform: Together with learners, teachers, and sustainability and didactics experts, we want to advance the teaching of education for sustainable development (ESD) in a competence-oriented way. To this end, we support communities and stakeholders on many levels.

We connect teachers with each other and support them in the implementation of online courses, learning videos, podcasts and many other teaching and learning formats. We network learners and encourage them to participate with their feedback in the further development of the functions and learning offerings of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability (VAS). In addition, we specifically promote the exchange with experts on the topics of climate and sustainability and network the VAS with other platforms and initiatives - nationally and internationally.

Our vision is that multi-layered communities of practice emerge, in which actors in all phases of the production and use of sustainability-related learning opportunities work together, contribute to the emergence of a vibrant ESD ecosystem and actively shape the Virtual Academy of Sustainability.