The eGeneral Studies - How it works

The eGeneral Studies are video-based online courses that are available to all students of the University of Bremen and for students of Higher Education Institutes in the State of Bremen in the area of complementary Studies.

The offer includes courses, that:

  • enable yourself to acquire key competencies,
  • support you in general career preparation,
  • gives you an insight into other disciplines by using open courses by other departments, or
  • focus on the topics "Sustainability" or "Sustainable Development".

As a student from Bremen, you do not have to change platforms to use the offerings of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability - you can find everything right here in the eGeneral Studies.

1. For every Student of the University of Bremen and Higher Education Institutes in the State of Bremen

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The eGeneral Studies (eGS) are completely video-based online courses and are offered in the area of Complementary Studies at the University of Bremen. The offer is aimed at all students who want to acquire knowledge and competencies suitable to their individual and heterogeneous learning requirements. However, the content of the eGS courses is also open to all other interested parties.

2. Register on OnCourse

The eGS courses are characterized by a high degree of flexibility in terms of time and location and conclude with an electronic exam in the Testcenter of the University of Bremen. You can join the course at any time. Simply register for your selected eGeneral Studies course on OnCourse.

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3. Self Paced Courses with Video

The eGS offer you the opportunity to learn independently at your own chosen pace. Work through all learning videos systematically with the slides and take notes to internalize the learning content more strongly. Solve the advanced exercises and systematically record your learning progress. If you have any questions, please contact the eGS team - we will be happy to support you in all organizational matters.

4. Flexible Examination Dates

Almost every month we offer two exam dates. You can register, deregister or reschedule up to one week before each exam. Book a place for your desired date directly here on OnCourse and register via Pabo, provided your department supports registration. Exams start at 10:00 am and 11:30 am.

5. Credit Points and Transkript of Records

The eGS events allow the acquisition of 3 Credit Points. The transfer of grades usually takes place via Pabo; otherwise you will receive a written transcript of records. You can request this via a form on StudIP. You will find the form in all current eGeneral Studies events in StudIP in the respective announcements.