Recht der digitalen Medien

Lehrende/Lecturer/s: Prof. Dr. Iris Kirchner-Freis, Prof. Dr. Andree Kirchner
Zeitraum/Time period: Anytime
Credit Points: 3 CP
Workload: 90 hours
Sprache/Language: deutsch
VAK-Nr./Course No.: eGS-RDM-05
Anbieter/Supplier: eGS
Lizenz/License: CC BY NC ND
Open course

Content of the Course

The process of digitization makes it possible to disseminate intellectual content in words, images and sounds via different networks and to receive it by means of different technical devices. The technical innovations have also influenced the legal framework of media activities at the national, European and international levels, with media law not being a single area of law but a cross-cutting issue involving public law, private law and criminal law. This eGS event will give participants an introductory overview of the legally relevant topics that can be crucial in the use of digital media, such as copyright law, press and personality law, broadcasting law, Internet and domain law, software law, IT contract law, data protection law, IT intellectual property law and competition law. With concrete examples from current case law, versatile conclusions can be drawn for the safe handling of digital media.

Acquisition of Competences

You will learn about the relevant laws as well as case law in the field of digital media and their relevance for practice. The aim of the event is to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on legislation and case law in digital media.

Exam Information

To receive a certificate of achievement and credit points, you must complete the course with an electronic exam. You can choose the examination date freely from several examination times in the semester. The examination takes place in the university's test center in presence.

Target Group

The course is open to students of all disciplines. The offer is especially addressed to students of the University of Bremen and students of Higher Education Institutes in the state of Bremen. The content is designed as OER (Open Educational Resources) and therefore available for all interested parties. In principle, the learning videos can also be used in non-university settings. Thus, learners from other groups (e.g. companies) also have the opportunity to benefit from them.

Lecturers of the Course

Prof. Dr. Iris Kirchner-Freis is a lawyer as well as a specialist attorney for copyright and media law and a specialist attorney for intellectual property law and has been teaching at the University of Bremen since 2009. Since 2014, she is an honorary professor for German and European IT, media and intellectual property law. Prof. Dr. Kirchner-Freis is also Director of the Institute for IT, Media and Intellectual Property Law and Managing Director of Hugo Grotius gGmbH - non-profit society for the promotion of legal sciences.

Prof. Dr. Andree Kirchner is Professor of International Law at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences since 2007. He is also working for the law firm MLS LEGAL since 2005. Furthermore, he is director of the Institute for IT, Media and Intellectual Property Law (MLS LEGAL) and managing director of Hugo Grotius gGmbH - non-profit society for the promotion of legal sciences.

Course Management

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This course is a self-paced course. It takes place only online; you can start with the course at any time.


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