Tourismusmanagement im Spannungsfeld von Nachhaltigkeit

Lehrende/Lecturer/s: Prof. Dr. Claudia Brözel
Zeitraum/Time period: Anytime
Credit Points: 3 CP
Workload: 90 hours
Sprache/Language: deutsch
VAK-Nr./Course No.: eGS-VA-TSN-17
Anbieter/Supplier: VAN & eGS
Lizenz/License: CC BY
Open course

Content of the Course

The course answers the question which challenges the tourism industry has to face in the field of tension of sustainability and which influence this industry can have on sustainable development. To this end, the historical background of the tourism industry will first be examined, followed by an insight into the basics of systems theory. This is necessary to understand the complex actor relationships and the specifics of the value creation process. Introductions to travel law and the current megatrends of tourism show the limits and potentials of the tourism industry. In an excursus into the ethical aspects of tourism, the question of responsibility is posed; following on from this, the negative effects of the tourism industry as well as existing and possible approaches to solving them are outlined. Subsequently, tourism in the field of tension of sustainability is clearly outlined with practical examples and current statistical surveys of the demand side. The concluding discussion provides an outlook on the future challenges and potentials of the tourism industry.

Acquisition of Competences

You understand the basics of the understanding of sustainability, tourism economics and systems theory. You will also be familiar with approaches to sustainable tourism (labels and solutions) and have an awareness of the influences of tourism on culture and the environment. Furthermore, you understand trends and change in the tourism industry and have insights into practical reports and future developments.

Exam Information

To receive a certificate of achievement and credit points, you must complete the course with an electronic exam. You can choose the examination date freely from several examination times in the semester. The examination takes place in presence.

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Target Group

The course is open to students of all disciplines. The offer is especially addressed to students of the University of Bremen and students of the partner universities of the Virtual Academy Sustainability. The content is designed as OER (Open Educational Resources) and therefore available for all interested parties. In principle, the learning videos can also be used in non-university settings. Thus, learners from other groups (e.g. companies) also have the opportunity to benefit from them.

Lecturers of the Course

Prof. Dr. Claudia Brözel is professor for tourism management and marketing at the University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde since 2012. She works and researches on future potentials through digitalization in diverse projects.

Course Management

This course is managed by the eGeneral Studies team and the team of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability. If you have any questions, please contact:

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This course is a self-paced course. It takes place only online; you can start with the course at any time.


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