Der Hohe Norden

Lehrende/Lecturer/s: Prof. Dr. Norbert Schaffeld u.a.
Zeitraum/Time period: Anytime
Credit Points: 3 CP
Workload: 90 hours
Sprache/Language: englisch
VAK-Nr./Course No.: eGS-DHN-01
Anbieter/Supplier: eGS
Lizenz/License: CC BY NC ND
Open course

Content of the Course

No region is as affected by global climate change as the Arctic. As an example, Canada is a welcome reference point to deal with this phenomenon - not only from a climate policy perspective, but also from a cultural point of view, because the Canadian North represents an identity variable in the perception of Canadians. This interdisciplinary event will give you the opportunity to approach the phenomenon of the Canadian North, or Northernness, through a variety of scholarly approaches. This eGS event features presentations, research findings, and expert interviews with scholars from the natural sciences, political science, and sociology, as well as contributions on issues of sovereign rights and the future of Inuit societies. The cultural identities of the North in literature, film and languages are addressed, as is the historical dimension of the region and its people.

Acquisition of Competences

Through a multi-perspective approach, they learn about the winners and losers of global climate change. This approach takes into account not only the core ecological problem but also the social, political, economic and cultural consequences. They develop an idea of how conclusions for future behavioral changes should be possible from an exemplary climatic problem situation.

Exam Information

To receive a certificate of achievement and credit points, you must complete the course with an electronic exam. You can choose the examination date freely from several examination times in the semester. The exam will take place in the test center of the University of Bremen.

Target Group

The course is open to students of all disciplines. The offer is aimed in particular at students of the University of Bremen and Bremen universities. The content is also available as OER for all interested parties.

Lecturers of the Course

Prof. Dr. Norbert Schaffeld is co-director of the Bremen Institute of Canada- and Québec-Studies (BICQS) and holds the chair of English Literature at the University of Bremen. He previously taught at the universities of Wuppertal, Essen, Leipzig, and Jena. He has also conducted research at Australian, Asian and Canadian universities, including: The University of Sydney, The National University of Singapore, The University of Toronto, and the University of Guelph. His main fields of interest are British Literature, Australian and Canadian culture, and fictional representations of the natural sciences.

Course Management

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This course is a self-paced course. It takes place only online; you can start with the course at any time.


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