Schlüsselkompetenzen - ein Reflexionsangebot

Lehrende/Lecturer/s: Lecturers of the Univerity of Bremen
Zeitraum/Time period: Anytime
Credit Points: 3 CP
Workload: 90 hours
Sprache/Language: deutsch
VAK-Nr./Course No.: eGS-SK-06
Anbieter/Supplier: eGS
Lizenz/License: CC BY NC ND
Open course

Content of the Course

People in working life increasingly have to make decisions under time pressure in organizations based on the division of labor. Experience shows that in the interaction of people, factual arguments are by far not sufficient to arrive at good decisions. People, with their personality and their way of interacting, have a decisive influence on working and decision-making behavior. The key to good decisions lies in understanding oneself and one's reactions to interactions with other people.

This eGS event aims to provide an overview of what is currently being discussed under the heading of key competencies. Participants will be offered opportunities to reflect on themselves in their interactions with others. They can then use these impulses to pursue individual topics on their own responsibility by drawing on the literature and the numerous offerings on the private education market. To this end, participants are given pointers in each event as to what is worth thinking about further, as well as practical tips.

Acquisition of Competences

You will gain an idea of the breadth of the topic summed up under the term key competencies. You will be able to outline the theories, competencies and tools selected in the course and reflect on which of your own competencies you can further develop.

Exam Information

To receive a certificate of achievement and credit points, you must complete the course with an electronic exam. You can choose the examination date freely from several examination times in the semester. The examination takes place in the university's test center in presence.

Target Group

The course is open to students of all disciplines. The offer is especially addressed to students of the University of Bremen and students of Higher Education Institutes in the state of Bremen. The content is designed as OER (Open Educational Resources) and therefore available for all interested parties. In principle, the learning videos can also be used in non-university settings. Thus, learners from other groups (e.g. companies) also have the opportunity to benefit from them.

Lecturers of the Course

This event was created with various teachers from the University of Bremen.

Course Management

This course is managed by the eGeneral Studies team. If you have any questions, please contact:


This course is a self-paced course. It takes place only online; you can start with the course at any time.


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